Get Restful Relief for Sleep Apnea in Richmond, TX

Stats Image Up to 18 million people in the U.S. have sleep apnea, with up to 4 million suffering from severe sleep apnea. Source.
You may consider loud snoring no more than a minor annoyance. But if the underlying cause of your snoring is obstructive sleep apnea, it can also threaten your health. Several serious conditions have been linked to apnea, including high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. Dr. Powell treats sleep apnea in Richmond with a custom-made sleep appliance.

The appliance, which you wear at night, will:

  • Keep your airway clear so you can breathe comfortably
  • Reduce or eliminate snoring, which will make both you and your bed partner happy
  • Improve your health by lessening the risks of conditions associated with apnea
  • Make you less irritable, so you enjoy better relationships with others
  • End headaches, dry mouth, daytime fatigue, and other sleep apnea symptoms

If you suspect you may have obstructive sleep apnea, ask us about it at your next dental exam. If you’d rather not wait, call us today at 281-944-4752.

Breathe Easier With a Custom Sleep Appliance

If you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea, your airway becomes blocked repeatedly during the night. This interrupts your breathing, causing you to gasp for air. These interruptions also prevent you from getting the kind of deep sleep you need to feel fully rested and to stay healthy.

Dr. Powell can supply you with a home sleep test, if desired, and have the results reviewed by a board-certified sleep doctor. The key to successful sleep apnea treatment is keeping your airway open throughout the night. One way of doing that is with a CPAP machine. But many people prefer a sleep appliance, which fits a lot like a sports mouthguard.

Unlike a CPAP, a sleep appliance is:

  • Unobtrusive – There’s no face mask or tubing for you and a bed partner to get used to, and no noisy motor. An appliance makes a minimal impact on your sleep routine.
  • Convenient – Travel is hassle-free with an appliance. It’s so compact that you can use it anywhere, even on an airplane or during a campout. You won’t need anything other than the appliance itself; no batteries, electricity, or distilled water.

For effective treatment of sleep apnea in Richmond, call Jonathan F. Powell, DDS at 281-944-4752. You can also request an appointment online.

Common Questions About Sleep Apnea

What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that affects tens of millions of Americans. People who have sleep apnea can stop breathing hundreds of times each night, and this condition can increase your risk of everything from high blood pressure to heart attacks and being in car accidents. The most common form of this disorder is obstructive sleep apnea, which our doctors can help you treat.

What are symptoms of sleep apnea?

One of the most common signs of sleep apnea is loud, chronic snoring that persists despite a change in sleep position or the use of nasal strips and other gadgets. Other common symptoms include daytime fatigue, irritability, lapses in concentration and memory, weight gain, headaches, sore throat, and dry mouth in the morning.

Are sleep apnea machines quiet?

CPAP machines do produce some noise, which can be annoying to you and your bed partner. Silence is just one of the advantages of treating sleep apnea with a mouthguard instead of a CPAP. Most people also find it easier to adjust to wearing a mouthguard and more comfortable. In addition, you can easily transport a mouthguard by simply putting it into a purse or pocket.

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