End Jaw Pain With TMJ Treatment in Richmond, TX

TMJ dysfunction and teeth grinding can make it tough to get a good night’s sleep or even to chew many kinds of food. Our dentists use a custom mouthguard for TMJ treatment in Richmond to eliminate the pain from these daily activities.

A mouthguard will help you:

  • Sleep easily throughout the night and wake up without an aching jaw
  • Eat anything you’d like without discomfort
  • Regain full mobility of your jaw
  • Avoid grinding-related damage to teeth
  • Experience fewer headaches and less muscle pain

If you have an aching jaw, let us know about it at your next dental exam. During your exam, Dr. Powell will also look for signs of damage caused by teeth grinding. Call us today at 281-944-4752 for an appointment.

Find Relief With a Custom TMJ Mouthguard

Temporomandibular joints (TMJ) connect your jaw to your skull. If they are placed under repeated stress, the result is a TMJ disorder (TMD). Many, though not all, who suffer from a TMD also grind their teeth – in some cases, causing damage that requires restorative dental treatment. Teeth grinding and/or jaw clenching behaviors often occur during sleep and are frequently associated with stress.

A custom-made mouthguard will:

  • Fit comfortably in your mouth, much like a mouthguard worn during sports
  • Offer a better fit than a stock mouthguard purchased from a store
  • Protect your teeth from damage like chips and cracks
  • Relieve the tension on your jaw and give the joints a chance to heal

Our dentists can also provide you with muscle relaxation techniques to provide additional relief. While a mouthguard and relaxation techniques help the majority of TMJ patients, we will do what is best for each patient – for those suffering from more severe symptoms, this may mean referral to a specialist.

It isn’t easy to determine the underlying causes of TMD and grinding. Stress, arthritis, jaw injuries, and a misaligned bite are among the factors that have been linked to both conditions. No matter what is causing your TMJ problems, we have solutions to help!

For TMJ treatment in Richmond, call Jonathan F. Powell, DDS at 281-944-4752. You can also request an appointment online.