Preserve Your Smile With Oral Surgery in Richmond, TX

You want your mouth to remain healthy for as long as possible. For better or worse, there are times when big steps are needed to restore your oral health. Our oral surgery in Richmond, TX has helped countless patients who wanted to:

  • End painful tooth infections
  • Prepare for orthodontic treatment
  • Create room for teeth replacements
  • Prevent long-term oral health issues

Our team can eliminate obstacles to your smile goals with our skill and training. To talk to Dr. Powell about dental surgery, schedule an appointment at Jonathan F. Powell, DDS by calling 281-944-4752.

Create a Path to Long-Term Oral Health With Dental Surgery

We want you to keep as many of your teeth as possible. Nevertheless, certain situations require removing teeth that are causing problems or have become obstacles to effective dental care. At our practice, we can provide these surgical procedures:

  • Tooth Extractions – Taking out teeth can help when restorative options are not possible. Extractions also can eliminate crowding that could complicate other services, such as orthodontic care or implant placement.
  • Wisdom Tooth Removal – Wisdom teeth can create a variety of problems. Taking them out can spare you from a lifetime of oral health issues.
  • Bone Grafts – This procedure can replace missing bone tissues so you can get the teeth replacements you want. Bone loss is a common problem when someone is missing teeth. Dental implants function as artificial roots for your replacement teeth. If you don’t have enough bone mass in your jaw to support your implants, a bone graft can be invaluable.

Ease Your Worries With Dental Sedation

Just the thought of dental surgery may cause you to feel some anxiety. This is perfectly normal, and it’s also something we have helped many patients address. Through local anesthesia and dental sedation, you can remain worry-free and pain-free during your surgical procedure. Plus, Dr. Powell has advanced training, which is why we offer this level of care.

We understand that surgical care goes beyond the basics of general dentistry. At the same time, we know how important these procedures can be for improving and maintaining your oral health. Addressing problems now can protect your smile for decades to come.

We have witnessed how transformative oral surgery in Richmond, TX can be. It’s also something we recommend only when it offers clear benefits for our patients. To schedule a consultation at the office of Jonathan F. Powell, DDS, call 281-944-4752. You can also request an appointment online.